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Cable Tray TRU type


Cable Tray TRUY type


Cable Tray TRC type


Cable Tray TRCY type


SLU cable ladder


SLW cable ladder


SHD cable ladder


Beton ladder

Cable Tray Cross-Junction

Cable Tray Cross-Junction


Cable Ladder Cross-Junction

Cable Ladder Cross Junction

Cable Tray T-Junction

Cable Tray T-Junction


Cable Ladder T-Junction

Cable Ladder T-Junction

Cable Tray Elbow

Cable Tray Elbow


Cable Ladder Elbow

Cable Ladder Elbow



Cable Trays


Cable Tray

Cable Trays are used in commercial and industrial buildings to support electrical and communication cables. They offer ease of installation, maintainance accessibility and room for future expansion.

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Cable Ladders


Cable Ladders have the same functionality
as cable trays. Ladders may be installed alongside cable trays to differentiate the communication cables from the electrical cables.

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Our Cable Trays and Cable Ladders come with an array of accessories for directional change (risers & elbows, cross-junctions &
t-junctions), reducers and other parts you may need for installation.

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Technical Specifications line

Material line

Hot-rolled mild steel sheet JIS P.3131 SPHC
Stainless Steel SUS 304 / SUS 316
Aluminium Sheet 1100AA STD



End to end connection

end to end connection


Surface Treatment line

Hot Dip Galvanized
Electro Galvanized (Plating)
Powder Coating



General Naming System line

XXX = Type of Cable Tray
WWW = Width of Cable Tray