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    Outlet box options

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exploded view of outlet box
Outlet box exploded view

ss outlet box
SS type outlet box

bs outlet box

BS type outlet box

m outlet box

M type outlet box

sb outlet box
SB type outlet box

bb outlet box

BB type outlet box

U outlet box

U type outlet box

exploded view
Outlet box options exploded view

cover options : carpeted & non-carpeted
Options for ourlet box covers

baseplate options : configuration options
Options for base plate configuration

exploded view of junction box

2 Channel Duct

s junction box

3 Channel Duct

B junction box


Junction box B

2 Channel Ducts


2 Channel Duct

3 Channel Ducts


3 Channel Duct

2 Channel Riser


2 Channel Riser

uPVC Ducts


uPVC Channel Ducts



Outlet Box & Options


Cable Tray

Power sockets in the underfloor outlet boxes offers a convenient, yet simple solution for you. Our underfloor outlet box ensures that you have power sockets and communication points.

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Junction Box


Junction boxes ensures that the wires are well organised at cross-junctions. Flyovers within keeps the wires neat and tidy. Customization is available to ensure that our products suits your needs.

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Channels & Risers


Our Cable Trays and Cable Ladders come with an array of accessories for directional change (risers & elbows, cross-junctions &
t-junctions), reducers and other parts you may need for installation.

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